Shibata Zeshin


'Jurojin'_by_Shibata_Zeshin,_1887,_Honolulu_Museum_of_Art,_accession_4588.1Shibata Zeshin was well known for using lacquer, the sticky sap from the lacquer tree. When lacquer was used skillfully, it was considered a high art. Zeshin had the skill set needed to work with lacquer. He was determined to do well with his craft. In order to do lacquer right, there were thirty-three steps involved. It included twenty coats of lacquer, and each layer needed to be perfectly dried and sanded down before continuing on. Zeshin was a master of his craft and had a creative mind.



Johnson, Ken. “A Craft Polished to the Lofty Heights of Art.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 3 Apr. 2008,








“Birds and Jutting Rocks”


The birds fly around wary of the jagged rocks. Are the rocks good enough to build a nest upon? Maybe. Could the rocks be a hazard? Definitely. The birds fly on though.


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