Winslow Homer

Winslow_Homer_by_SaronyWinslow Homer was an American landscape painter and print-maker. He was best known for his marine subjects. When Homer was a child, his mother taught him how to paint with watercolors. It was obvious from the start that Homer was gifted at painting. Eventually, Homer did an apprenticeship under a Boston commercial lithographer, J.H. Bufford. For two years, he worked on sheet music. Homer turned down an offer to work for Harper’s Weekly, in order to pursue his freelance career which lasted twenty years. He made a number of rural New England illustrations for such magazines as Ballou’s Pictorial and Harper’s Weekly.

“Winslow Homer.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 26 Aug. 2017. Web. 27 Aug. 2017.


Sloop, Nassau


The sloop to moves a little. The two-man crew rocks with the ship. Just by looking at the painted water, you feel its cooling effect. You feel the slight breeze blowing gently. It’s a good day to be on the water; it’s a good day to feel the mesmerizing effect of the ocean. There are many blues in the painting, which makes us calm and cool. Homer used his own surroundings to create his masterpieces. I guess we don’t need to look too far for art.

Sloop, Nassau
Artist: Winslow Homer (American, Boston, Massachusetts 1836–1910 Prouts Neck, Maine)



One thought on “Winslow Homer

  1. 🙂

    Estuve leyendo tu articulo y hay demasiadas informacion que no sabia
    que me has enseñado, esta espectacular.. te queria devolver el tiempo que dedicaste,
    con unas infinitas gracias, por instruir a gente como yo jejeje.

    Besos, saludos

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